Food With Initiative

“Food with Initiative”

Dale is developing the term “Food with Initiative”. She encourages all companies who manufacture food for the market place to follow the concepts of the word Initiative: the first in a series of actions, willingness to get things done and take responsibility.

To reach Dale’s goal of being environmentally friendly, with everything she does, she insists on using all natural, healthy and locally sourced ingredients. This movement is underway in many companies but it is still not main stream. Only by the demand of consumers will it continue to grow.

Giving back is showing responsibility to our communities. As Ferris Fare grows we will continue to support locally and reach out to other communities to do the same. Dale’s aim is to bring more companies on board with her vision and make a truly meaningful contribution to the children of the world.

Giving back to the community

Dale has always been active in her community and with Monkey Toast, she now has the opportunity to support Admiral Seymour Elementary School’s snack and after school program. This ongoing program is just the start and, as Ferris Fare grows, she looks forward to expanding her support and involvement with more food programs, helping out both little and big monkeys.