The All Day Crisp

Monkey Toast has four all natural flavours that are a perfect snack, a great addition to a healthy lunch or served with your evening wine and cheese. Think of Monkey Toast as your all day cracker!

Nutrition: “More Fruit than Cracker” is our tag line as there is 50% more fruit than the next ingredient, 100% organic whole grain wheat flour. Monkey Toast combines the nutrition and flavour of fruit with the natural benefits of added fiber from whole grain wheat.  All Monkey Toast is nut-free (made in a nut-free facility) and dairy free.  Our latest Tomato Ginger flavour is vegan. Stay tuned for the launch of our wheat-free crisp!

Our Packaging

We love to support local business and minimize our transport footprint by having our boxes made by Ideon Packaging, a Richmond-based, family-owned, company.

Our boxes may look small, but they are efficiently packed with 180g of Monkey Toast crisps. When you have finished enjoying your crisps, please join us in our quest for environmental sustainability by putting the box and tray in your paper-recycling bin. It is our wish to deliver you the most flavour with the smallest footprint and least amount of waste!